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How do you look in the dreams of your parallel self?

I slip in and out of the lives of parallel selves, and others, in dreams and in reverie. I am open to the idea that they are leading continuous lives, on parallel event tracks, and that from their points of view, I am a character that exists in their dreams, when they remember dreams.

It requires little imagination for me to picture a worldly-wise Robert with a much fatter bank account and a different view of reality sitting down to Sunday brunch and talking about a dream in the following way: “I had the strangest dream last night. I was in Dracula country, in the mountains of Transylvania, or some such place. I was persuaded to hire some evil-looking road cowboy to drive me up a crazy one-lane road to see some natural feature the locals call their Sphinx. They said he boasted that he had killed a fox on that road and cut off the head as a trophy. The next moment, he had driven us halfway off a cliff.”

What my parallel Robert might recall as an odd dream was a quite literal, physical event for me. On a dream archaeology expedition in Romania in October 2012, I set off with local friends to see the Sphinx of Bucegi, a celebrated natural rock formation regarded as a major energy spot, near a cave associated with an ancient shaman-god of the Dacians and the mystical White Wolf said to watch over this land.    Read more


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Playing with Signs, Symbols, and Synchronicity in Everyday Life

The author’s grace and fluidity as a writer makes it a delight to read. I particularly enjoyed his neologisms, such as kairomancer, describing one who is attuned to the whisperings of possibility within the synchronicities and prepared to take action to manifest them in one’s reality. The great gift of this book is that it encourages us to jump joyfully with both feet into the puddle of life and make the biggest splash that we are able. In fact, playing any or all of the games suggested by the author just might convince you that the world is indeed full of magic.”
                                                      --New Consciousness Review

Synchronicity is when the universe gets personal. Through this book of games and enchanting stories, you’ll learn how to monitor the play of coincidence and the symbolic resonance of incidents in daily life in order to tap into the deeper logic of events, receive extraordinary counsel, and have wonderful fun. Read more

Listen to Robert discussing signs, symbols and synchronicity with Dr. Paula Joyce on VoiceAmerica radio. 


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