Robert Moss



Inner Traditions/Destiny Books
Rochester, VT
288pp; $16.95 paper
ISBN: 1-59477-034-4

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Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul

A spiritual odyssey, a tribute to the deep wisdom of the First Peoples, a guide to healing our lives through dreamwork, and an invitation to soul recovery.

“Robert Moss reveals the sacred art of dreaming that belongs to all of us, showing us how to navigate the web of dreams for the good of the world soul. This world-class dreamer invites us to follow the urgent, time-folding dreamways that connect us to our spiritual family and to the healing of the universe.”
Caitlín Matthews, author of Singing the Soul Back Home and Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

“In this remarkable book Robert Moss participates in Native American cultural knowledge directly, via his own dreams that delve into the Iroquois spiritual world.  His use of fascinating historical materials combine to make this a rich feast.  Dreamways of the Iroquois suggests that we profoundly coexist with those who live, or have lived, in our landscapes.  It also offers valuable dreamwork techniques for understanding ourselves.”
Charles Stewart, PhD., professor of anthropology, University of London

“Robert Moss is an outstanding teacher, opening ancient and modern pathways into soul realms for the seeker.  His newest book, Dreamways of the Iroquois, is his best work yet, giving us insights both into our deep humanity and into our American heritage. The call to be peacemakers is precisely what our world needs; in delivering that call in so powerful a way, Robert demonstrates again that as a spiritual teacher he is world class.”
David Spangler, author of Everyday Miracles and Blessing: The Art and the Practice

“Before the European invasion of North America, there were advanced systems of knowledge that had been amassed over the centuries by indigenous people. The Iroquois tradition was one of the most remarkable, and included a model of confederated states which was adapted by some of the authors of the U.S. Constitution. Another aspect of the Iroquois tradition was the process by which they worked with dreams. In this entertaining and informative book, Robert Moss has made these dreamways available to contemporary readers, most of whom will be inspired by the spiritual insight and practical advice that is still applicable today.”
  Stanley Krippner  PhD, professor of psychology, Saybrook Institute; co-author of Extraordinary Dreams

"Travel with Robert Moss on the wings of his shamanic adventure.  Follow Red-tailed Hawk, Dancing Bear, Silver Wolf, Wounded Stag, and his other guides to encounter the Ancient Mother who teaches him, and us, the 'way of the heart. Hear Moss retell the great Iroquois creation tales, the story of Sky Woman and her descendents, to reveal the Dreamway traditions.  Learn his practical tools to help today's readers reclaim these ancient Dreamways for their own paths to healing and soul remembering. “Moss's book reminds us of the spiritual magic awaiting each of us in our dreams tonight when we cross the dreamgate to personal adventure.  He shows how to access our inner power."
  - Patricia Garfield, PhD, author of Creative Dreaming, co-founder and past president of The Association for the Study of Dreaming

“In Dreamways of the Iroquois Robert Moss offers us powerful and much needed medicine for our time, combining well-researched and fascinating Iroquois mythistories, the wisdom of his ancient and contemporary guides, and his own truths and teachings to inspire us to once again walk the path of soul and spirit, remembering and honoring our dreams. Using Robert's  tried and tested dreamwork techniques, we can discover our soul's purpose and restore its vital energy, heal ourselves and others, face death without fear, embark on adventures in other dimensions, and so much more. His gifts and skills as writer, historian, dreamworker and shamanic practioner are superbly melded in this incredible compendium of dream lore. Highly recommended!”
- Rita Dwyer,Past President and Executive Officer, International Association for the Study of Dreams

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