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New 7-Week Course Begins March 7

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Announcing my next dream adventure on The Shift Network! I'll  be offering a 7-week course starting Wednesday, March 7.

The Bear is the great medicine animal of North America. In ancient Greece, girls danced in bearskins in honor of the goddess Artemis as "She-Bear" in their rites of passage into womanhood. And since Paleolithic times in Europe, the Bear has been considered the king of beasts, and there's been a sacred kinship between bears and humans. Most of us no longer live close to the Bear in nature, but bears still appear in our dreams, and we can find our way - through shamanic dream journeying - to the realms .

In Dancing With The Bear, you'll join me on an online adventure into healing and growing your life through Active Dreaming, imagination, and "deep" play, supported and protected by the Bear.

The Bear shows up in dreamers' lives in many different ways - as a guide, a protector, and a healer. And in Dancing With The Bear, you'll have the opportunity to discover what Bear wisdom holds for you.

Prepare to unfurl your imagination, step up and face your fears, and reach for the furry paw of a guide that can bring you courage, strength, self-empowerment - and best of all - remind you how to play and feel the magic and joy of your inner child.

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Robert has led online, multi-week courses through The Shift Network since 2014. 

Here’s what some recent graduates of Robert’s programs on The Shift Network have to say about his Active Dreaming work:

Thank you Robert.  I cannot think of another person on the planet who could quite as powerfully (as you have done) create the space for a group like this one that travels far and high and wide and deep. You have a wonderful gift and way about you . . .and I too will have what the mythical man is having.  – Muriel

 I feel like I am living in at least two worlds and it has been a Magical Mystery Tour. Thank you dear Robert, I hope to join you for more adventures.  It’s such good company and I want to stay with this momentum!  - Deborah

There are no words to express my sense of gratitude and wonder. And I think I understand more fully the significance of anamnesis – that I am remembering what my soul already knew. Such a privilege to have participated in this course at this time.  Profound thanks to you, dear Robert, and heartfelt gratitude to the group. You have guided and supported me in a liberating and empowering soul journey over these months and I thank you for your generous authenticity and your wise guidance. - Kate

 I'm so grateful for your teaching and the kindness and compassion you bring to these lessons. Thank you.  - Marty

Thank you Robert and fellow soul voyagers for the journeys that just keep on giving. I would never have imagined how many beautiful gifts we could gather, return with and share together. It has been a trip of a lifetime and I give thanks to you all for your guidance, thoughts and beautiful teaching along the way. - Kirsten

Thank you Robert Moss for this wonderful class. This class was a journey of deepening self discovery for me. … There are journeys I am looking forward to repeating many times. - Lisa

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