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$495 if paid in full by February 28; $545 thereafter.  Includes gourmet lunches all days. 

Mosswood Hollow, a magical private retreat center in the woods, 45 minutes east of Seattle and northeast of Seattle-Tacoma airport

are available at a very modest price.  Contact Mosswood Hollow directly for lodging; tel 425-844-9050.  Be forewarned: Mosswood offers some of the best food on the planet!

Jeni Hogenson; tel 425-844-0207

Thursday, March 31-Sunday, April 3


Freud was right about one thing: dreams are indeed the royal road to the unconscious. However, the road leads far beyond the basement of the personal subconscious that he studied, into transpersonal realms of healing, initiation and encounters with the Higher Self.

Most human cultures, for most of our evolution, have valued dreams and dreamers highly for three reasons. Dreams give us direct access to sources of wisdom far beyond the ego. Dreaming, we are time travelers and we can scout out the possible future, seeing challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Dreams can be medicine, diagnosing what is going on our bodies, and offering fresh imagery for self-healing.

In this high-octane workshop, we marry the best of contemporary dreamwork and lucid dreaming techniques to primal shamanic methods for healing and shifting consciousness. You will learn how to travel at will into worlds beyond physical reality, where you can tap wellsprings of healing, creativity and intuition, and insight into the deeper purpose of your life.

You will learn to travel through the gateway of dream images to seek insight and healing for yourself and others, to communicate with spiritual guides, and to expand your knowledge of a greater reality.

The royal road to becoming a lucid dreamer and a conscious citizen of the multiverse is use a remembered dream as the portal for a shamanic journey. In this way, you can talk to a dream character, move beyond nightmare fears, gain vital information, and have marvelous adventures in a deeper reality. Youíll discover you have personal keys to places of healing and initiation in nonordinary reality. Some of those keys can help you to achieve wholeness by meeting an integrating multiple aspects of yourself Ė including that beautiful younger self who may have gone missing because of pain or heartbreak, guilt or addiction.

You will take away tools and resources to empower your everyday life. Youíll learn how to dream your way towards the right work, the right partner, the right home, the right community. If you can dream it, you can do it. If you have been going through a dream drought, a common condition in our society, donít worry; this is the right place to restore the flow.

Youíll learn that dreaming is social as well as individual, transpersonal as well as personal. Youíll be encouraged to embark on super-lucid dream adventures with a partner or the whole group, and return with gifts for each other and mutual verification of the reality of other dimensions. Youíll learn a great secret of healing: any image that belongs to you, even the most terrifying, can offer a doorway to healing and wholeness if you are willing to work with it as an  active dreamer.

You will find that the extraordinary becomes easy within the supportive energy of an intentional family of active dreamers. Youíll play wonderful new games and give birth to fresh stories, spontaneous art and performance. Youíll dance with delight as you feel yourself walking the path of your best dreams, and your soulís purpose, in this world.

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